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Welcome to Our Website

alKhawarizmy Software is an Egyptian Company working in the Arabic Natural Language Processing (NLP) field. Despite the complex nature of the Arabic language and its unique structure, alKhawarizmy takes the challenge to provide the Arabic user with multiple applications that understand and interact with the Arabic language, in order to simplify the way the user interacts with Arabic electronic content.

CEO Message

The time has come for the Arabic language to be at the leading edge of fast computer processing. The time has come for us to be proud of our Arabic language...

   Dr. Hossam Mahgoub, CEO


Who We Are ?

alKhawarizmy was established in 2006 by Dr. Hossam Mahgoub who wanted to invest his 20 years of experience in the field of Arabic Computational Linguistics for the Arabic language, to provide the Arabic user with applications that facilitate the processing of Arabic content.


Search Tool

Dawwarly is a search tool capable of searching through Arabic websites, company intranets and eBooks. Its features include those of traditional international search engines, but it remedies the deficiency of these engines in processing the Arabic language. It does this by deploying a fast Arabic morphological analyzer and a word semantic identifier which allows the user to search for all Arabic word inflections, as well as word meanings.

Who We Target

Is Dawwarly for You?

Dawwarly serves a wide spectrum of market sectors that wish to enhance and develop either their websites or company intranets.

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